Studio Amenities


Studio Amenities

Tour Bus Connectivity
On tour or coming through Kansas City on a day off? Hook up and spend some time working on your project in the studio. Or maybe you just need a place to unwind during your time off.
Easy Access Parking Pad
Positioned next to the studio we have an easy access parking pad for your tour bus. Designed for a full-sized Prevost and will accommodate everything in between.
Sewer/Water/Electricity Hook Up
Bus hook ups give you complete service for electricity, sewer and water.
Complimentary Instrumentation
Shape your sound in the studio with our arsenal of instruments ready for you to use. We have a wide range of new and vintage guitars (electric and acoustic) and amplifiers (tube-driven and solid state). All complimentary.
Acoustic & Electric Guitars
Taylor 816CE, Taylor 510, Gretsch 6119, G&L Asat Classic, Several Fender Stratocasters, Gibson Les Paul Standard, and much more.
Tube-driven & Solid State Amplification
Fender Reverbs, Fender Bassmans, Marshall JCM800, Marshall Cabinets, Vox, Peavey, Mesa, Ampeg, and several more.
Overhead Load-in
Back your trailer up and unload directly into the studio. From there we can easily set things up where they need to be during your time with us. We make things really easy for our clients at Studio3productions.
Easy Load In
Load in literally just takes a few minutes with access from a large overhead door. Your equipment will be safe in this area until we are ready to set everything up.
Easy Studio Room Access
Our multi-purpose room allows very easy access into the live room, isolation booth, variable sound room, air-lock room, and control rooms.

Studio Recording Environments

Control Room

• 27x22 room with a 14' ceiling
• Room meets and exceeds all ITU, AES, EBU testing requirements for world class recording facilities and critical listening environments
• 8 AUX inputs for convenience
• AMEK Big 44 by Langley is the centerpiece of the room, fully restored to factory specs
• 32 in 24 out
• NEVE, SSL, UA, are some of the Pres we use
• AVID HD Native with 2 Quad Omni UA cards in an Apple Tower
Variable Acoustic Room
• 16x17 room with 8' ceiling
• Designed with custom movable panels allowing for either more or less reverb, and deadening characteristics
• Concave and convex panels on the walls and ceiling, vocals and acoustic guitars sound amazing
• 12-input patch bay
Air-Lock Room
• 12x14 room with 12' ceiling
• Provides a positive air gap between all the recording rooms offering greater isolation
• Doubles as a reverb chamber for those great 80's Drum Sounds
• 12-input patch bay
Isolation Booth
• 12x12 room with 8' ceiling
• Treated extensively for our loudest instruments, guitar cabs
• Control of cabs from pedal board in control room while using the New Radial RX,TX to boost the signal
• 12-input patch bay
Live Room/Lounge
• Large 24x28 room with a 14' ceiling
• 24 inputs for full band recording
• A lively space lightly treated
• Offers a lounge, internet, computer access, and fully stocked kitchen
• Kick back in here and relax while others are recording
Multi-Purpose Room
• 24x40 room with a 14' ceiling
• Includes 16x16 overhead door for easy load in
• This is our training/educational facility for:
Audio Recording Workshops
Video Production Workshops
Photography Workshops
Business Development Workshops
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