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Growth & Marketing Management Support

Electronic Press Kit
We will work together to create a striking Electronic Press Kit. We know the elements required to help you realize new levels of success utilizing your EPK. We have the necessary elements covered, along with key contacts in the industry, to boost you to newer levels of success.
Our team is experienced and skilled in marketing. When it comes to the creative side, our video/photography/graphics team is led by local Art Institute graduates with limitless imagination and integrity for your project..
Contact us for access to our portfolio.
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Marketing Management
We aren't just engineers in the studio. Marketing is one of our strong suits, with over 50 combined years of successful business ownership and marketing methods to support your growth. We will sit with you and discuss what your goals are in the industry as an artist and come up with a solid plan to help you start seeing some success.
Bring your desire, backed by a commited work ethic and positive attitude and we will help you execute a plan. We have excellent connections in the industry to see various levels of success.
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Music Videos
Stand out. We offer music video production filmed with high-definition cinema cameras. We can film in studio or on location, single cam or multicam, and simple all-inclusive custom packages can be designed to meet your budget.
All of our music video projects offer a storyboarding service, full pre-production planning session, filming dates, editing, and post-production. You'll receive multi-format delivery of files for ease of use on social media and/or most online video platforms.
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Performance Videos
Performance videos can boost your ability to secure opportunities to play further away from home. The owner of a venue can see what your performance is like, what kind of crowd support you have for your music, and how you interact with people that attend your shows. Our extensive marketing background assures that your video will appeal to venues that can help you grow as an artist.
We are very organized when it comes to executing these types of video projects. You will receive the final file in multiple formats for ease of promotional use. Make sure to reach out today!
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Promotional Photography
Our photography team is experienced, innovative, and inspirational. We have a well-rounded mix in our portfolio for management companies, touring artists, and companies that are big supporters in the music industry. Rolling Stone Magazine, Pennzoil, Universal Music Group, Indegoot Entertainment, AEG, Live Nation, Mighty Loud Entertainment, Tim McGraw, Sevendust, and a long list of others.
We will create an image that will make a difference for you. Solid concepts to represent your brand are important and don't have to cost a fortune.
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Online Web Presence
An online presence is a must for bands that need exposure. One of the biggest mistakes artists make is having terrible visual representation when they have much bigger goals and aspirations. Most of the time something simple is most effective. We can cover your needs when it comes to websites for announcing tour dates, selling merchandise, or simply staying in front of your tribe. We are well versed with the ins and outs of giving you the professional image you need for potential new fans to take you seriously.
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How Does It Work?

Contact Us Today
Call or send us a message. We return calls promptly.
Tell Us About Your Project
Share the goals you have for the project you want to record.
Receive Availability & Rates
Receive the rates and info needed to make an informed decision.

Saving time will save you money

There is a common misconception that the cost to record in a high-end studio environment is super expensive, and therefore
out of reach for more budget-conscious artists wanting to get the best quality they possibly can. We have proven this theory untrue in many instances.
Should you hire a "makeshift" recording studio, you will spend more time in the studio tracking than needed and the overall quality will be sacrificed.
Before making a decision, give us a call and let's discuss your project.
Recording in an accurately tuned environment can cut your project time up to 50%, saving you money over using a more generic studio using considerably lower quality gear.
Because of this you could complete up to 100% more tracking with us and have the same quality signal accuracy as an A-list recording artist with room to open your creativity.
100% better overall sound, and better overall recording quality. There is a reason successful recording artists record in sound environments like ours.

Affordability & Flexibility

We have designed avenues for our local budget-minded musicians that can easily lend support
utilizing our custom flex plans and affordable rates during our off-peak times.
Custom Recording Time Blocks
Our rates are customized specifically to your project. This way you are not stuck buying more time than you actually need. We are excellent at helping you determine how much time is needed based on a conversation about your project. One visit and you will feel right at home.
When we meet you are interviewing us as a potential resource, and we are doing much the same! We are a relationship-based studio that decides on who becomes a client based on mutual rapport, your goals with your project, and the synergy to create in a team environment. A strong value we hold is that we are upfront if we feel we are not a good fit for your project.

Flex Pay Program

If you need more flexible terms, we have some excellent solutions to meet your needs. No need to worry about money when it is your creativity you will need in the studio.
*Each project is reviewed for its merit. This plan does not require credit approval. It is strictly based on our relationship with the artist.

Financing Options

For some artists, making payments is more comfortable. We have comprehensive financing options available through reputable sources of funding. Make sure to ask us today.
*With approved credit. Terms and conditions may vary upon approval.
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